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Visiting The Best South Indian Destinations With The Vastly Spread Southern Railway

Southern Railway is a large network of the Indian Railway which caters to the states in the south India. The genesis of this part of Indian Railway has a long history and is presently one of the most populated zones in the country. There are many facilities in this zone starting from the establishment of the RRBs to the formation of new lines with advanced and modernised track systems.

History and jurisdiction

Southern Railway came into existence in the year 1956 when three different state-based Railways were merged together which included the South Indian Railway, Madras and Southern Maharatta Railway, and the Mysore state Railway. The South Indian Railway was created initially in the times of the British colonialism, with the name of Great South Indian Railway Co. in Britain in 1853, registered in 1859, with its headquarters in Trichy.

Presently the Southern Railway spreads over a wide region of the south India, which includes the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry and some parts of Andhra Pradesh. The extent of the Southern Railway is from Mangalore in the west coast, Kanyakumari in the South, Gudur in the North East and Renigunta in the North West. The headquarters are in the city of Chennai and the Railway has been divided into 6 divisions of Chennai, Tiruchirapalli, Madurai, Palghat, Trivandrum and Salem. The Salem headquarters was created in 2005 for efficient management of the Southern Railway. This division is the fourth largest in the division of Southern Railway and was created by merging Palakkad and Trichy divisions.

The stations of Chennai Central, Madurai Junction, Coimbatore Junction and Thiruvananthapuram Central are the important and profitable stations under Southern Railway. Presently, this Railway zone aims at improving the services by having all the lines in broad gauge, station modernisation, covering of the platforms, catering stalls and automated signalling system.

Railway Recruitment Board Chennai

The RRB Chennai was brought into force under the Ministry of Railways in India. It works for the recruitment of supervisory and working staff of Group C in the divisions of Chennai, Salem, Tiruchirapalli, headquarters of Southern Railway and Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. The RRB of Trivandrum is also having its influence over the Southern Railway, in the divisions of Palghat, Madurai and Thiruvananthapuram. Most of the employment notifications are done through the employment news or through the internet portals of the RRB and the results are also notified through these sources. In most of the exams conducted by RRB Chennai, there is a written round, while in some cases, the interview round is followed.


There are 6 divisions that are included in the Southern Railway, namely that of Chennai, Salem, Palghat, Tiruchchirappalli, Thiruvananthapuram and Madurai with route kms of 831, 774, 578, 1001, 625, and 1294, respectively of which one part is broad gauge while the remaining is meter gauge and a few route kms in each division is also electrified. Total number of trains per day that commute in this zone include mail/express, passengers, goods and suburban are 1407 in the broad gauge. 723 stations are included in this zone in the Railways. Total number of employees included in the Southern Railway zone is about 95577, with includes about 573 Group A officers.

Special trains

  • Nilgiri Mountain Railways is a heritage property of the Indian Railways, which runs in the Southern Railway division. In 1602, it was the first time that the beautiful valleys and lush greenery of the blue mountains of the Nilgiri was known to the outside world. The Britishers first mooted the idea of making a Railway in this region in 1854. In 1891, work on the Mettupalam Coonor line was first started and it was given out for public transportation in 1899, finally going into the hands of the Indian government in 1903. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway runs for a distance of 45 kms from Mettupalam to Ooty, up heights of 6000 fts which is seen in Coonor, in between these two stations. The Railway passes through the Nigiri district into the Coimbatore district.
  • The zone has some special trains that it operates under the weekly and biweekly as well as daily schedules for the purpose of easing the traffic in different divisions, mostly during the summer vacations, the festival times such as in Diwali, Holi, Ramzan, and others and in new year. Some of the special trains that are run in this zone are Chennai Central Mangalore Central SF weekly special, Mangalore central Chennai express, Kollam Chennai express, Chennai Central Coimbatore SF special, Rameshwaram Coimbatore Express, and many more numbering about 55 trains in the Southern zone.

The South Indian peninsula is having a widespread network of Southern Railways which has not only a long history but also has many important trains for the general public. Freight carriage is also of the best standards which allow a number of industries to depend on it without any interruptions. The services provided by Southern Railway have been exemplary and it is up to the Indian citizens to take advantage of the Railway network in the country by comfortably riding to their preferred destinations.

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