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Potential Of Growth In The South Western Railway Marks The Upcoming Zone

In the south India, the need to have an efficient railway track, led to the formation of the South Western Railway. This is a relatively new Railway zone and one among the 16 zones that have been formed in the country. Since most of this network is present in the state of Karnataka, this will serves a greater benefit for the people of Karnataka as well as neighbouring states. Due to the SWR, the Railway infrastructure has become good in Karnataka. The meter gauge has been marked for converting into the broad gauge line, which is being done in a step wise manner. Iron ore carriages are quite high in this belt.


The South Western Railway was brought into function by the combination of Bangalore and Mysore Division from the Southern Railway zone and the reorganised version of the Hubli division of the South Central Railway. The zone is having its headquarters in Hubli.

Divisions and jurisdiction

The South Western Railway has routes passing through the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Maharashtra. From the 1st of April of 2003, this Railway zone has started operation with its headquarters in Hubli in the state of Karnataka. Plenty of Railway lines run across the South Western Railway, with Bangalore and many other important cities in this track. But still then, plans are in place to increase the number of trains in this zone because of the lowest number of trains in this particular zone.

  • There are three divisions which are included in the South Western Railway such as the Bangalore division, Mysore division and the Hubli division, which is also the headquarters.

Most of the Railway lines in Bangalore are included in this zone. Development projects are running on in plenty in this particular zone with doubling of Mysore Bangalore line, Bangalore Channapatna line, Bangalore Hubli line, Arsikere Birur line, Bellary Hospet line, Hubli Gadag line, etc and the Bangalore Tumkur line has already been finished. There is also less number of tracks which have been electrified as well as the zone has least number of broad gauge lines. In the coming years, the South Western Railway is being planned on to have the tracks developed in almost all the divisions.

Demands have been coming up for the creation of three more divisions in the SWR, in Devangere, Mangalore and Gulbarga for the operations to become better. Due to the formation of the Hassan – Mangalore section of SWR, the creation of Mangalore division will be instrumental in further strengthening the Railway network of Karnataka. This boost can also be provided by the Hubli-Ankola line. Also, there will be a better connectivity with the Konkan Railway. This particular line is highly beneficial for the transportation of manganese and iron ore to the coastal regions for better shipping facilities. The rapid rate in which the broad gauge Railway line is being converted from narrow and meter gauge lines, will open the network to the other Indian Railway network.

  • Presently the South Western Railway caters to the states of Karnataka majorly and the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa and parts of Tamil Nadu.

Railway Recruitment Board in South Western Railway

  • Recruitment process of South Western Railway zone is under the Railway Recruitment board of Bangalore, which looks after the recruitment of Group C employees in the headquarter office of the SWR, and divisions of Hubli, Bangalore and Mysore. It also caters to the recruitment of employees in the Technical and Non Technical employees for the Rail Wheel Factory in Bangalore.
  • The Railway Recruitment Board in Bangalore was set up in April 1982 in the region of Bangalore Cantt.

Special trains

The primary aim of the running of special trains in the South Western Railway is to reduce the rush of passengers during the summer peak season. For this purpose there are about 20 up and down trains that have been introduced this season. Some of these special trains are Jaipur Yeshvantpur Garib Rath Special, Bangalore Patna Weekly special, Bangalore Tirunelveli weekly special, Bijapur Yeshwantpur Special, Yeshwantpur Hosur passenger special, etc.

  • Some trains are also introduced during the Dussehra festival because of the rush to the cities of Mysore and other south Indian regions. Even during the New Year and Christmas as well as Pongal, the special trains are required to be run between different stations.

Concluding note

The South Western Railway is relatively a new zone in the Indian Railway network and is being rapidly developed to accommodate number new trains. The broad gauge conversion is the primary task that has been taken by the different divisions in this network. by doing so, there will be a better means of managing the minerals and ores in the region and also will provide better amenities to connect the zone to the Konkan Railways and other parts of the country which are running on broad gauge.

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