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As the 9th zone of Indian Railways, the South Central Railway came into being in the year 1966 and since then has established itself as a modern system of mass transportation in the niche category. Located on the Southern peninsula, the South Central Railway is headquartered at Secundrabad and serves the regions of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, parts of Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Madhya Pradesh. The South Central Railway was formed out of the combination of divisions of Vijayawada and Hubli from the Southern Railway with the Solapur and Secundarabad divisions of Central Railway. Then in 1977, the Guntakul division of Southern Railway was incorporated within the South Central Railway and the Solapur division was transferred back to the Central Railway.

Divisions and jurisdiction

Over the years, 6 divisions have been formed in the South Central Railway which includes Secundarabad, Hyderabad, Guntur, Vijayawada, Nanded and Guntakul. Vijayawada is credited to be the largest Railway junction in the whole of South India and the most significant station under the South Central Railway.

  • The South Central Railway has about 5752 route kms and of this electrification has been completed in 1604 route kms. In the entire period since its inception, the SC Railway has laid down a large number of broad gauge lines and has constructed prominent bridges, the two important ones being Godavari Bridge II and III in Rajahmundry.

In all these years, the South Central Railway has achieved many milestones and it has become the first in plenty of these milestones.

  • Since its inception, the SC Railway has laid down 342 Rkms of new track, 2676 kms have been converted from meter gauge to broad gauge, and has electrified a number of routes.
  • Computerised Passenger Reservation System has been introduced in 85 stations in different routes of this network. There have been stupendous improvements in the freight as well as passenger systems.
  • The South Central Railway employs a work force of about 1.03 lakh employees.

Secundrabad division came into force in the year 1966 with both broad gauge and meter gauge lines. It served three states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Route kms of this division is about 1311 kms, of which the least is in Karnataka. A total of 150 stations are included under this division. This division ranks among the top 5 of the divisions of Indian Railways. The genesis of Secundrabad division is based on the Nizam Railway which started from 1869. 113 million passengers travelled in this division in 2010-11. The work force in 2011 was about 22,178 employees.

Guntur division has about 3933 employees in its roll.

Railway Recruitment Board under South Central Railway

Most important Railway Recruitment Board that looks after the recruitment processes in the South Central Railway is that of the RRB Secundarabad. Along with that, the other RRBs that are included in the South Central Railway to a little extent are the ones at Mumbai which looks after the Nanded division. Secundarabad RRB also has some jurisdiction in the East Coast Railway, most prominently the Waltair division.

The RRB Secundrabad was set up in 1978 and caters to the recruitment cover of all the divisions, workshops and headquarters office. In 1994, the recruitment of the Waltair or Visakhapatnam division of East Coast Railway has been included.

Special trains

Special trains in this line are being introduced from time to time and for different reasons such as summer, festival, and even for exams.

  • Secundrabad Gorakhpur special, Ajmer Hyderabad weekly special, Hyderabad firozpur cantt summer special, Hyderabad C. Shahuji Maharaja T Kolhapur special, Visakhapatnam Hyderabad Biweekly special, Adilabad Nanded special, Aurangabad Tirupati weekly special, and Secundrabad Mancherial special are some of the special trains that have been operated to counter the heavy traffic during summers.
  • Special trains will be operated by South Central Railway to run passengers to Ajmer for the occasion of Urs festival.
  • 640 special trains will be operated by South Central Railway to avoid the summer rush to a variety of stations.

South Central Railway has been able to attain a transportation output with a well managed infrastructure and up-gradation of technology used in the Railway transportation. Safe transportation of passengers, passenger amenities, punctuality of trains, cleanliness in trains and stations are some of the hallmarks of the services of this particular Railway zone. Newer technology has been incorporated in various areas such as Interactive Voice Response System, National Train Enquiry System, Passenger Operated Enquiry Terminals, and close circuit televisions for smooth ticketing and information facilities. Freight carriage has improved significantly in the recent years and the South Central Railway has emerged as a leading zone of Indian Railways.

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