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East Coast Railway Shows The Broad Spectrum Division Of The Railway Into Working Zones


In the year 1988, the East Coast Railway was incorporated after the Survey on Rail Line in the east coast was ordered by the Government of Madras from the Vijayawada junction where the Southern Maratha Railway and Nizam’s Guaranteed State Railway met till the point of Cuttack. Under this scheme of things, the East Coast Railway was sanctioned. In 1889, the Bengal Nagpur Railway line was opened from Cuttack to Kharagpur. Then the northern section of the East Coast Railway was merged with the BNR line in 1902.

In 1955, the BNR line was separated from the east zone to form the South Eastern Railway under which were the divisions of Nagpur, Bilaspur, Adra road, Khurda Road, Chakradharpur and Kharagpur. Later on the Waltair division was included under it. In the year 1996, the East Coast Railway was the first of the 7 new divisions to be inaugurated. It became functional finally in 2003, when the East Coast Railway was carved out of South Eastern Railway and comprised of 3 divisions of Khurda Road and Sambalpur in Odisha and Waltair in Andhra Pradesh.

Infrastructure and jurisdiction

Geographical arrangement of the East Coast Railway is over three states which include almost all of Odisha, districts of Srikakulam, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Dantewada and Bastar Districts of Chhatisgarh. Bhubaneswar is the Headquarters of the East Coast Railway, which consists of the divisions of Waltair, khurda road and Sambalpur.

Khurda Road division

Total track route of this division is about 1948 kms and the number of stations in Odisha is 93 and Andhra Pradesh is 7.

A total of 13790 employees have been actually recruited into this division where 116 up and down mail/express trains and 54 up & down passenger trains are plying.

Railway Recruitment board of East Coast Railway

The Headquarters of East Coast Railway are located in Bhubaneswar and this is also the centre for Railway Recruitment Board which looks after the recruitment services in the divisions of Khurda Road and Sambalpur. The Waltair division of East Coast Railway is under the jurisdiction of RRB Secundrabad.

Future plans

A number of plans of an ambitious nature are being discussed to increase the rail network to port areas such as Paradeep, Gopalpur and Visakhapatnam, so that the cargo handling facilities can be improved in these ports. Various projects are underway to improve the railway infrastructure in this zone. Plans are in place to incorporate the e-working system in its operations, so that complete office automation of all departments is done, so that efficient electronic office management system is possible. Some of the other plans are for the establishment of central Data Warehouse, state of the art campus network and integration of networks.

Any special trains and their importance

24 special summer trains would be running from different destinations in the states of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and west Bengal to different destinations in the south of India, till the month of July, 2013.

More number of trains numbering to about 59 is to run from and to Odisha during the Rath Yatra festival.

Some of the weekly special trains are Vishakhapatnam Tirupati special and the return train, Visakhapatnam Hyderabad special express, Visakhapatnam Nizamabad special, Visakhapatnam Sainagar Shirdi Special, Digha Puri Samudra kanya express superfast express, pune Bhubaneswar express, Howrah Sambalpur express, Puri Surat express, Mumbai LTT Puri Super fast express, and Visakhapatnam Mumbai LTT superfast express.

Weekly express super fast train between Shalimar and Tirupati to run from November 2011 to January 2012. Another special train that has been introduced is the pair of biweekly express trains that run from Visakhapatnam to Kollam.

Concluding note

It has been a few years since the East Coast Railway has become fully functional but the strides taken by it in all these years have been exemplary. With this part of the country having a high potential for mineral and mining activities, the railway network is essential in providing a boost to the industrial growth in the country. Many mineral based industries, chemical and fertiliser plants are found in the states covered by the East Coast Railways, which mandates a well developed rail communication, which has become essential for the development of the East Coast Railway.

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